Water Heater

Besides providing an array of HVAC services including repairs, scheduled maintenance and indoor air quality assessments, at G & G Heating, we also undertake Water Heater repair, installation and maintenance. Water heater repairs and services are an integral part of keeping your home functioning well and having the right water heating unit for your home can help keep your energy bills under control. We provide one of the best solutions to your water heater problems and make sure that your much needed hot water does not stop in the middle of your shower.

Why we are preferred?

Besides excellent technical knowledge about the heating equipment coupled with a wealth of experience, we are also adept in plumbing. So, we have the expertise to repair any water heater, be it traditional water heaters or tankless water heaters.

Not only do we repair your systems, we also take the time to help you understand the functions and accordingly give you valuable tips that result in huge savings on your electricity bills. We simply ensure that you will never run out of hot water again.

Types of Water Heaters

There are two major players in the water heater category – the traditional water heater tank and the tankless water heater. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right one according to your family’s needs requires some expertise. If you are planning to purchase a new water heater, we will guide you to ensure you buy the right type of water heater to suit your needs and priorities.

While traditional water heaters are less expensive both in terms of installation and maintenance, they are not energy efficient. Furthermore, not only does it take time for the water in the tank to heat up, but one has to wait till more water is heated after every use. Especially in large families, the waiting period increases every day.

Most modern families prefer tankless water heaters as they are not only innovative but also more energy efficient. Most importantly they occupy very little space. Tankless water heaters essentially heat the water as it flows through the unit and then distributes it to the various taps and showers in the home. It also makes your home more environmentally friendly as tankless water heaters emit about 75% less CO and NOx.