Furnace Heating

At G & G Heating, we offer high quality heating system repair, replacement and installation. Our furnace repair technicians and engineers are always prepared to undertake any type of heating repair, whether your unit is electric, gas, duel fuel, heat pump, oil or a boiler.

We understand that your heating unit is designed to work efficiently. But, every system is bound to pose problems after serving efficiently for many years. No matter how old it is, it’s important to give it regular care and maintenance. A tuned-up system will run more efficiently, help lower your energy costs and last longer.

It doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or late at night – our qualified technicians are available at all hours, every day of the year. Be it a service, or installation or preventive maintenance, we are glad to serve you.

We act as a guide

Heating has become a large portion of the average household utility bill. Every household has the thought of cutting down electricity expenses. It has become more relevant now to make sure that the home heating system — boiler or furnace — is operating at peak efficiency so that it can significantly cut down on electricity expenses.

We at G & G Heating are geared up to help you. We aim to not only provide furnace and heating repair services and make sure that your furnace works well, but also reduce your electricity bill by properly tuning up your machines.

Call us for all your heating needs. G & G Heating has skillful and experienced experts who will come right to your home or place of business and perform all the repair and installation of your furnaces and heat pumps.

Why we are preferred?

The fact that we are experts in heating and furnace services is not the only reason customers prefer us. We do not simply undertake servicing of the machines, instead we act as a guide to our customers and help them choose the right one that serves their purpose.

More importantly we make our customers understand the internal workings of their heating system by having a meaningful conversation with them. Below are some guidelines regarding furnaces:

What do Good Furnaces Have in Common?

The best furnaces are efficient. They keep a home warm and comfortable. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year. And they are quiet, long-lasting and low in service frequency and cost.

Common Features of Good Quality Furnaces

  • Good quality furnaces work efficiently in all seasons
  • Help to keep your home and yourself warm and cozy
  • Quality checked furnaces are long-lasting
  • It does not cost much (less expenses) to service better quality furnaces

What is an energy efficient furnace?

Some furnaces lose heat via the walls of the furnace cabinet. But, other better quality and more energy efficient furnaces like the American Standard full line of models have a coat of insulation inside the cabinet walls to help prevent any excessive loss of energy. During the running process of a gas furnace, warm air, which is a waste material, is let out. This gas rises up the venting system. American Standard has several gas furnaces that operate above 80 percent energy efficiency. The single-stage gas furnaces range from 80 to 95 percent AFUE, with only one of the models qualifying for an Energy Star rating. The two-stage gas furnaces range from 80 to 97 percent AFUE. This works in accordance with a surface ignition system that is hot. The following set up is to exert hot air via the heat exchanger at a rate of flow that’s constant and at the same time controlled. The draft blower stops when the burner cycles are switched off. This keeps the hot air in the system. Usually a good and efficient furnace is pricey. Although your initial investment is a bit higher, the more efficient furnace will reduce the operating costs in a big way.

Does one Heat pump differ from the other?

The energy efficiency of every heat pump is important. But, it is advisable to think from the perspective of operating costs too. What are SEER and HSPF?

The standards that are set by the Department of Energy to rate and examine the efficiency and quality of HVAC equipment is called SEER/Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (for air-conditioners) and HSPF/Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (for heating equipment).