Digital Thermostats

At G&G Heating, we can help you control the temperature and comfort of your home with a digital thermostat. Besides that, we can also repair and maintain your existing digital thermostat to ensure optimal performance.

A thermostat is a part of the heating and air conditioning system and it enables one to regulate the temperature by turning the system on or off. Increasingly, households across the US are moving over to digital thermostats. A traditional thermostat is made up of several moving parts and a small glass vial that contains mercury. The sensitivity and accuracy of the thermostat depends on the moving parts inside. Any accidental movement of the thermostat by the homeowner is bound to impact the moving parts inside the thermostat. So, there is always a chance for inaccuracy and as a result you would need to recalibrate your thermostat to make it function accurately.

The Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

The foremost benefit of using the digital thermostat is that it contains no mercury which makes it absolutely safe to use in the home. Digital thermostats help the planet by greatly reducing mercury emissions; from six to eight tons of mercury each year according to an EPA estimate. Besides that, digital thermostats contain no moving parts.

Furthermore, due to incredible precision and accuracy, digital thermostats enable households to save significantly on their bills. Research by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found this to be the best way to save electricity bill costs by around 30%. Today, advanced programmable digital thermostats are available on the market that can be set to automatically control your heating and air system.

Why we are preferred

With our expertise we will help you maintain the temperature of your house and help you stay in the comfort zone. Our expert technicians and engineers will help you choose the ideal one for your home. We are also experts at installing Zoned Comfort Control Systems, which employ the latest technology by using multiple thermostats for each room in the house, instead of a single thermostat. As each individual in the house needs a different temperature to sustain the heat / cold, a Zoned Comfort Control system manages the temperature levels thereby offering the comfort one has always wanted.

Zoned Comfort Control helps you when your home has the following situations:

  • Consists of more than one floor
  • Bigger, open areas such as an atrium or a solarium, vaulted ceilings or lofts
  • An extra room in the backyard or over the garage
  • Finished rooms in the basement that need cooling
  • Rooms surrounded by glass
  • The requirements of each family member for each room
  • The climatic changes in the house between the day, noon and nighttime
  • A part of the house is built with concrete
  • If the house extends in different directions
  • Each room has a different build structure