Heat Pumps and Air Handlers

What is a heat pump (basic)?

Heat Pumps, provide both a warming and cooling framework and will utilize and conditions air from outside to cool or heat your home.

What is an Air Handler?

Air Handlers are what disperses and moves the already conditioned air throughout your home or business and works in used to circulate and condition the air in your home in partnership with your HVAC systems air conditioner or heat pump unit.

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Air heaters are totally necessary in the warm and humid areas of the world. Picking out the best reliable air handlers is the best thing to do if you are in such areas. Heat pumps make use of electrical energy to move heat from one medium to the other. Whereas, air handlers circulate air within the room or house. Both the heat pumps and air handlers are in par with each other in the aspects of capacity and efficiency.

Air handlers and heat pumps in Olympia are of high quality, energy efficient and have options to vary temperature accordingly. Zone control systems to maintain temperature is present in the system. There are options to minimize cooling drafts and maximize electrical savings. The equipment also possesses a scroll compressor which maintains 10-15 degree Fahrenheit warmer air during the heating process. An enhanced comfort mode features make our products one of the most suitable in the niche.

A combination of the latest technology, comfort, and comparatively competent prices is the secret behind the success of our brand. With our heat pumps and air handlers, you can definitely save 30%-40% of electricity which in turn means economical electricity bills.

We have an exclusive collection of heat pumps and air handlers which come out in attractive colors and amazing features. If you are not aware of which type of system will suit your homes, you can contact our dedicated support staffs and get further information on this.

Is a Heat Pump a good substitute for both air conditioning and furnace?




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