At G & G Heating, we offer the best Air-Conditioning services that help you to keep your rooms in both home and office cool and pleasant. We undertake all sorts of repairing and services of air-conditioners and make sure your problems are resolved quickly and efficiently and ensure steady cooling.

Whether you would like to attend the fault and repair your existing air conditioners or would like to have a regular routine inspection on a long-term maintenance contract, we are only willing to extend ore services. Our technicians and qualified engineers are more than happy to serve and provide the best comforts

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Why we are preferred?

The fact that we are experts in air-condition services is not the only reason for the customers to prefer us most. We do not simply undertake servicing of the machines, instead we act as a guide to our customers and help them choose the right one that serves their purpose. We render a home energy services calculator that can be used to make you understand more about the AC service needs.

Our experts analyze your exact requirements and accordingly guide you to choose the best AC that consumes less power while also meeting the most demanding HVAC needs.

We give below some of the factors that one should bear in mind in choosing the right and efficient Air Conditioner for you as per your budget and requirement.

The common features of a good central air conditioner:

A good central air conditioner must be energy efficient and consume minimal power, thereby lowering your electricity bills. A perfect AC would guarantee you a smooth functioning all day long with regular maintenance.

The right size air conditioning unit

A small AC doesn’t keep the home cool in a long run. But at the same time, an oversized machine lets out a lot of energy thereby increasing the strain on the compressor.

To determine the optimal sized AC, a closer look at the floor space, window size, insulation and the climatic changes that occur must be noted and analyzed. The cooling capacity is usually mentioned in Btu/h (British Thermal units of heat removed per hour) or in refrigeration tons (one ton being equal to 12,000 Btu/h).

Energy efficient Air conditioners

There are certain standards by law, for air conditioner manufacturers to evaluate the quality and efficiency of equipment. This standard is called SEER and the higher it is, the more effective the AC would be. Most new homes usually will have the standard builder’s model central air system. But many owners opt for a better option and upgrade their air conditioners to save energy and money. The high end models like a Rheem’s with perfect efficiency have the highest SEER at 14.00. Though these are costly, they help you save more on electricity bills and maintenance.

Better air conditioners

As the compressor is the most important part of a condensing unit, Rheem equipment has built-in scroll compressors to produce high efficiency and reliability. The better AC’s are well-equipped with louvered steel cabinets to prevent the damage of coils. Also, these Rheem units come out with a grill design to minimize noise.


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